Details for Proposal


Towercom IV, LLC is proposing to construct a 199-foot overall height monopole telecommunications structure located at 145 Bost Road, Morganton, Burke County, North Carolina (N35° 45' 39.6" W81° 42' 57.7"). The proposed tower will not be lit. Any interested party may request further environmental review of the proposed action under the FCC's National Environmental Policy Act rules, 47 CFR §1.1307, by notifying the FCC of the specific reasons that the action may have a significant impact on the quality of the human environment. This request must only raise environmental concerns and can be filed online using the FCC pleadings system at or mailed to FCC Requests for Environmental Review, Attn: Ramon Williams, 445 12th Street SW, Washington, DC 20554 within 30 days of the date that notice of this proposed action is published on the FCC's website. Refer to File No. A1171014 when submitting the request and to view the specific information about the proposed action. W3373 HMF