Standard Process reinforces its commitment to N.C. Research Campus

Standard Process reinforces its commitment to N.C. Research Campus

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KANNAPOLIS — Standard Process on Monday announced that it has entered into a five-year lease agreement with the David H. Murdock Research Institute for new lab space for the Standard Process Nutrition Innovation Center. An extension of the company’s Palmyra, Wisconsin, headquarters, the NIC is a first-of-its-kind research and innovation facility.

The agreement extends Standard Process’ lease for the NIC by four more years, through March 2025. The lease also provides the company with an option to lease additional lab space in the future, allowing for continued expansion. The new lease agreement will allow Standard Process to continue its momentum and demonstrate the company’s continued commitment, investment and expansion in nutrition and science to change more lives.

“This new lab space and extended lease will allow us to better support ongoing clinical studies, develop innovative food-science technologies, and establish cutting-edge research programs that elucidate the role of the whole-food matrix in health and disease and development of new Standard Process products,” said Dr. Bassem F. El-Khodor, Ph.D., director of discovery science and innovation at Standard Process’ NIC.

The company’s lease includes new lab space that provides more square footage of lab space and more features, which is better configured for Standard Process’ research needs. The lab contains state-of-the-art equipment for conducting innovative research, including work in nutrigenomics and epigenetics. The lab is also used for the complete analytical profiling of natural products and plants to define their active components and impact on targeted health conditions. At the NIC, Standard Process develops whole-food-based nutritional supplements to improve individual health and well-being, wholistic clinical care, and leverages organic and sustainable farming with regenerative practices to improve nutrient density in the company’s products.

“Standard Process is looking forward to supporting the community and the local economy in Kannapolis, North Carolina, for many years to come,” said El-Khodor.

The NIC was chosen to be on the North Carolina Research Campus for its high level of technology and the insights available through partnerships. Standard Process’ on-campus partnerships and collaborations include the David H. Murdock Research Institute, North Carolina State University — Plants for Human Health Institute, Appalachian State University, Harvard T.H. Chan — School of Public Health and the William Harvey Research Institute.

Established in 2018, the NIC is dedicated to impacting and changing health care in the United States through nutrition therapy and to continue the legacy of Standard Process’ founder, Dr. Royal Lee, by advancing clinical practices based on the whole-food health advantage. The clinical practice at the Nutrition Innovation Center brings together credentialed health-care professionals trained in integrative and functional health-care approaches to whole-person care. As part of the NIC’s Culinary Medicine nutrition and education program, the kitchen enables people to better understand and adapt whole-food nutrition into their lifestyles, providing a healthier way of preparing food. The NIC is also home to a professional media and learning center that provides the most advanced educational tools and capabilities available to advance practitioner education and training.

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