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In Honor Of Planet Earth…(In H.O.P.E.)

COLUMN: Vitamin G is for grounding

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Tracy Himes

By Tracy Himes

We all know the benefits of vitamins, especially the common ones like A, B, C, D and E. There’s no denying we each need healthy doses of them everyday. The lesser- known daily vitamin is one that is not found in our food or offered by the sun. It’s found in our dirt.

They call it vitamin G. The easiest and most profound vitamin of all has been far too long overlooked. It’s proved in research, but also just plain common sense.

The earth provides a limitless and constant source of negative charge. Throughout our modern day, our bodies build up a positive charge. We know that everything that’s made of atoms has a net charge — and involves either attraction or repulsion — in other words, a positive or negative charge. The subtle charge that is found in the earth provides us with a healthy dose of vitamin G that we are all deficient in. We are grounded (or “earthed”) by the earth’s energy.

I first believed it when I heard Deepak Chopra say it. I figured anyone who has published 86 books and is the author of “The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” (72 weeks on the NYT bestseller list) may be worth believing. His advice was this: Take your shoes off and walk around your yard. Every day.

It’s simple science. Our bodies are composed of mostly water and minerals, excellent conductors of electrons from the earth with direct skin contact. But we don’t get enough direct contact.

Until modern times, humans walked on the ground, slept on the ground and connected with the earth more hours than not. Today we barely touch the earth’s surface, as we are insulated in our homes, schools and offices. We surround ourselves with synthetics and a closed environment often 24/7 and days or weeks at a time. So many products and materials like rubber, plastic, fabric, asphalt, vinyl and carpets all interrupt our connection to the earth. Add to that our man-made electronic world — phones, Wi-Fi, appliances, cell towers, all of which bombard us constantly with excess free radical damage — and it’s no wonder chronic disease is at an all-time high.

Yes, lack of grounding/earthing is proved by research to be directly connected to chronic illness and inflammation. Being grounded allows the body to cope and repair, harmonizes the balance of energy and stabilizes biological (circadian) rhythms.

Tension. Pain. Poor sleep. Sound familiar? All of these have one thing in common: free radicals. The earth’s electrons can almost immediately neutralize those free radicals and act as an antioxidant. Eliminating free radicals is the key to reducing inflammation. Reducing inflammation will help with many chronic illnesses such as diabetes and autoimmune disorders that cause pain.

Circadian rhythms regulate hormones, blood pressure, digestion and much more, and when those rhythms are out of balance, the body easily finds itself in distress. Grounding regulates our circadian rhythms and autonomic nervous system and helps to keep cortisol, the main stress hormone, in check.

If you’re unable to walk outside, there are products to help. Earthing sheets and shoes keep us grounded for hours. Earthing mats go under your feet or forearms to reduce EMF exposure during computer usage. Leather-soled shoes also keep us connected.

Take time to sit, stand, lie or walk on grass, sand, dirt or even un-painted concrete. Garden with bare hands, hug a tree or swim in the ocean or a lake. Consider this your doctor’s orders: Dabble in the dirt for 30 minutes a day, climb a tree or go splash in some water. Even better than an endless bowl of broccoli.

Tracy Himes is a local speaker on environmental topics and operates and


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