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Angela Bassett + Taye Diggs + Jamaica, need I say more? Terry McMillan adapted the script from her own novel for the film directed by Kevin Ro…

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Christmas With the KranksGenre: Kids & FamilyRelease Date: 2004-11-24© © 2004 Revolution Studios Distribution Company, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

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Your mileage may vary on survival thrillers at the moment (who needs more stress?), but this manages to be the pleasant kind of stranded-on-a-…

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The ultimate snowed-in, cabin fever mind melter, "The Shining" may not be the vibe you are going for at the moment, but you have to admit it's…

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"Mamma Mia" (2008) is the fastest delivery system for a dose of silly, sun-dappled joy. Drink in all the sun-drenched scenery of the Greek isl…

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Swedish director Hans Petter Moland remade his own film "In Order of Disappearance," as a Liam Neeson aggrieved dad thriller, transposing the …

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