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Jan. 27—RALEIGH — Officials with the N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission request that anyone filing a 2022 North Carolina state tax return consider donating a portion of their refund to the N.C. Nongame and Endangered Wildlife Fund. Contributions will support research and conservation management projects for the state's most vulnerable wildlife populations. "The tax-check off program is the ...

Bright headlights can be useful while driving on certain roads or dark highways, but they can also be a nuisance to other drivers. Last month, a North Carolina resident posted about their frustration with high-beam headlights on Reddit. “I feel like I’ve noticed a way higher number of people using their high beams all of the time,” the commenter wrote. “I see them inside city limits on roads ...


The Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office and Sheriff Van Shaw welcomed new deputies who completed the Rowan-Cabarrus Community College Fall 2022 Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET).

North Carolina’s state auditor and the panel that disciplines physicians are at odds over a performance review of the state Medical Board. The state auditor's office released the report on Thursday and found shortcomings in the board's investigative process. The authors complained they were hamstrung to complete their objectives to examine how the board handled complaints against the 57,000 medical professionals it regulates. They cite the board's refusal to provide details about thousands of investigations covering a two-year period. The board defended its work, and says that state and federal law prevents broad access to the records because they contain medical and investigative information.

Here are photos from last night's Cheney watch party, where the congresswoman told supporters that she had conceded to Harriet Hageman.

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