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County Commissioner primary election Q & A: Chris Measmer

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District: Cabarrus County

Question 1: Why do you want to run for this position?

Answer: I am running for a seat on the Cabarrus County Commission Board to incorporate new ideas that would positively affect the citizens of our county. If elected to a seat on the commission board, I would bring a limited government mindset when making decisions. In addition, I am a strong believer in personal freedoms/responsibilities and liberties for all.

Cabarrus County has a higher property tax rate than Mecklenburg County, which I find appalling and irresponsible. As your representative, I would make certain to bring fiscal responsibility to the table with greater attention to frivolous spending.

We have seen an explosion of growth in our county that needs to be addressed, with smarter growth management. Currently, the county infrastructure cannot handle the dramatic growth with the current plans in place. As a county, we are reaching the maximum capacity of water/sewer, overcrowding of our public schools, and the roads are overwhelmed with traffic.

Question 2: What makes you qualified to fill this seat?

Answer: I have several qualifications that distinguish my candidacy from the others in the race. I was born and raised in Cabarrus County, own/operate a thriving business in the community, and previously served as a county commissioner.

First, I was fortunate enough to be born and raised in our county and seen firsthand the transformation of our area over the years. Being an active member of our community and spending time with fellow citizens, I often hear their needs and concerns and feel compelled to help.

Second, being a business leader in the community, I understand how taxes and regulations affect businesses within our community. As a commissioner, I will work toward a fair and business-friendly environment that would even the playing field for all businesses in our community. We must get the government out of the way of the private sector with less regulation, and fewer taxes, to ensure employment growth.

Third, I previously served as a Cabarrus County Commissioner and have the knowledge to get started on my first day in office. My previous experience as an elected official gives me an advantage in knowing how to do the job.

Question 3: What do you consider to be the most pressing issues for this community?

Answer: Uncontrolled growth and rising property taxes are the most pressing issues facing Cabarrus County at the moment. We have been promised by some local leaders that recruiting businesses into our area would keep the tax rate low for the local citizens. I would argue that we are in the exact opposite situation that was promised by our current leaders. All of the effort put toward recruiting to our community has put us, as a community, in a position of inadequate infrastructure and higher taxes. As your next Cabarrus County Commissioner, I can assure you that the local citizens’ needs and beliefs will be my top priority.


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