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Life at Oaklawn: Mud and wet weather hamper possible preservation

Life at Oaklawn: Mud and wet weather hamper possible preservation

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My Odell friends and classmates have had a ball identifying people in the 1950 picture.

We are still friends with a great many, but have also lost some that have passed away as well as moved away.

In my last article I talked about thunder in the winter bringing snow in seven days. It thundered on the 11th and as I was on my way to get my second vaccine, I saw a few snowflakes. It also thundered on the 15th and that might mean some snow on Monday the 22nd. (Editor’s note: it didn’t snow Monday) We will just have to wait and see if this happens.

The rain has caused a lot of mud at Oaklawn due to the fact that our driveway was destroyed by workers and left us no room to haul anything. It is going to have to dry up a lot before we will be able to get anything else done.

I received an email from Mr. Alex Porter and his group has also been delayed by all the mud at Oaklawn. There is no room to park any vehicles and they would have to wade thru the mud to inspect the old schoolhouse as well as Oaklawn. It seems as if everyone is pushing us to finish, but every time we make some progress something like destroying the driveway and access to the buildings has prevented the moving. If any of you happen to come down Harris Road, just take a look at the mess we have.

When I was growing up Poplar Tent and Harris (then Eastfield) were dirt. I remember deep ruts in both the roads and the hill going up Poplar Tent was so slick that a lot of cars just could not make it to the top. This was red dirt and was slick when it rained. I remember using pieces of plywood and sliding down the hill. I am sure my Mother just loved trying to wash that red mud out of my clothes.

I am still going thru lots of old photos and came across one that was our class in 1951. This was our sixth-grade class and was taught by Miss Virginia Harris. There were two sixth grades and as usual my memory does not remember the name of the other teacher. I hope some of you readers can let me know who this teacher is standing on the left of the picture.

I am sure some of you remember Miss Marge and Virginia Harris. They lived in the two-story house at the corner of Odell School Road and Harris Road. Miss Virginia did not drive, but Miss Marge did and they had a 1949 Ford. Miss Marge would bring Miss Virginia to school when it rained, but otherwise she would walk to the school. They owned the land in front of their house and Miss Virginia would always let her class have a picnic in the pasture before the end of the school year.

I don’t know if some of you readers knew that Miss Virginia wrote several books and one of them was Wedding Trimmings. I have this book somewhere in one of my trunks and I think it is in the Concord Library in special collections.

Hope all you readers are doing well. Stay safe and God bless.

Bobbie Cannon Motley’s family lived at Oaklawn, in the Cannon Crossroads community, for generations. These are memories of days gone by, before all the development in western Cabarrus County.

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