Three law enforcement officers in the Charlotte area have died in the past week, including two 25-year-old officers in Concord and Mount Holly.

"It doesn't make any sense," said Pam Mullis, a longtime Concord resident who stopped by her city's police department to pay her respects.

"We try to take care of each other," she said of her close-knit community.

As flowers were left outside the police station, grief and sorrow rested inside the broken hearts of those who stopped by.

The scene was all too familiar to the experience the Mount Holly community went through after Officer Tyler Herndon was killed in the line of duty less than a week before.

"We're supposed to protect the people who protect us," said Dylan Ussery, another Concord resident, as he held back tears.

He and hundreds of others braved the cold to place flowers, letters, hats, and flags outside the station -- all to honor Officer Jason Shuping, whose bravery paid the ultimate sacrifice Wednesday night.

Officer Shuping, joined by Officer Kaleb Robinson, was responding to a carjacking call and located the suspect at the Sonic restaurant, which is located Gateway Lane NW in Concord.

As the officers approached the suspect, the man fired a handgun, according to Chief Gary Gacek. #WakeUpCLT