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    RALEIGH — In Washington, Republican lawmakers are insisting that any deal with the Biden administration to raise the federal debt ceiling be accompanied by stricter work requirements for such programs as cash welfare, nutrition assistance, and Medicaid. In Raleigh, Republican state senators tried to make work requirements a condition for expanding Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, though the final deal fell short of what they’d hoped.

      Sunrise over Bruton Smith Boulevard in Concord heralded the beginning of a recent, beautiful May Friday morning. The morning air was fresh and crisp, unlike the major cities I have traveled to. This particular Friday wasn’t too hot and humid or too cold and chilly. The weather was perfect.

      America in 1944 was vastly different from the nation we are today. As a student of history, I’ve read much about the leaders of that era — Churchill, Roosevelt, Eisenhower, Montgomery, Patton and others. I marvel at how they faced the challenges of the day and were willing to make great sacr…

      Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis entered the 2024 presidential race on Wednesday, stepping into a crowded Republican primary contest that will test both his national appeal as a cultural conservative stalwart and the GOP’s willingness to move on from former President Donald Trump. DeSantis won reel…

      Did Big Tech just win big at the U.S. Supreme Court? That seems to be the view of most commentators in the wake of the recent unanimous decision in two cases that had the potential to challenge the so-called liability shield that protects internet service providers from liability for content posted by their users.


      I am always amazed when, in the aftermath of a mass shooting such as the tragedy in Allen, Texas, both political parties expect their overly simplistic explanations to be taken seriously, their anemic policy proposals accepted as dependable solutions. “It’s the guns!” cries the left, recommending restrictions. “It’s mental health” insists the right, offering resources and better enforcement. A ...

      Recently we had the opportunity to spend nearly two weeks in France. From Paris, we sailed on the Seine to Caen and the United States Cemetery in Normandy. This trip has been a longtime dream realized for Tom, who is a World War II buff. He loves reading about Churchill and Roosevelt, Eisenh…

      CNN Senior Data Reporter Harry Enten breaks down the popularity of TikTok as Montana becomes the first state to ban it.

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