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COLUMN: Sharing the blame when it all falls apart

COLUMN: Sharing the blame when it all falls apart

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This is for the yellow dog Democrats out there who voted for Joe Biden last November despite the party’s profound lurch to the far left. This, too, is for all who voted for Biden because “grandpaw” was a Democrat. God forbid we insult “grandpaw,” or his memory.

Not to be forgotten are those who voted for Biden because they bought into the rhetoric portraying Donald Trump as evil incarnate. Same for those who thought being progressive made them appear hip or cool—provided those words are still allowed these days. God forbid we insult those who are not hip or cool. (We need to be careful here lest we fail to worship at the altar of political correctness.)

What we’ve witnessed from Biden and his radical handlers over the last three weeks is a wild-eyed approach to governance grounded not in rational thought or in one man’s supposed centrist leanings. Instead, Biden’s flurry of executive orders, if we are to believe his rationale, are intended to erase damage done by Donald Trump.

Here’s a news flash: This is no longer about Trump, as this column pointed out previously. This is about dreamy idealism built upon the notion that government bureaucrats know what is best for the rest of us, that government alone is the arbiter of jobs creation, the environment, morality (from a progressive’s viewpoint not morality emanating from the Judeo-Christian values undergirding our society for centuries), and whatever else progressives deem worthy of a select segment of society.

The part about Biden’s executive orders negating Trump’s impact is a lie, one intended to obscure a simple truth. Correctly, this is about the desire to weave socialist/progressive ideals deeply into the fabric of American society. You either buy into the Biden plan or else. Unity? That’s a one-sided concept defined thusly: conservatives either cross over to the other side or become irrelevant.

We mean REALLY irrelevant. Look no further than the suppression of free speech that is unprecedented in modern America. Twitter, Google, Facebook and others have brazenly suppressed conservative voices in recent weeks, as they’ve been enabled--and in fact encouraged--by the Democrat party’s control of the federal government.

All are involved in an attempt to portray Trump and his supporters as evil suppressors of liberty in need of a massive shutdown by those who know more than the rest of us. Even the latest round of impeachment proceedings can be categorized this way. Conservatives are being suppressed by the pure among us, the progressives, the do-no-wrong coalition. Pause and think of the irony in that observation. Trump, his supporters, and conservatives in general are the evil ones.

There is no denying that the radicals who stormed the Capitol enabled much of this progressive push to deny free speech. Democrats have to be given credit for knowing how to milk an aberration for everything possible.

Yes, aberration. Those who stormed the Capitol represent a miniscule portion of the 74 million who voted for Trump last November. Yet, that simple fact has been obscured by Democrats and complicit members of the media who insist on forcing their views on the rest of us. So much for journalism. So much for impartial reporting of facts.

Democrats, in fact, have unleashed a barrage of attacks on conservatives. They’ve maintained a presence of troops in Washington D.C. since the Capitol was stormed, implying and even stating that protection from conservatives is imperative; they’ve consistently berated conservatives and the radical elements among Trump supporters by lumping all into a single group; they, and their media brethren, have disparaged every Republican from Ted Cruz to Ronald Reagan to Abe Lincoln; they’ve allowed tech companies to snuff out Parler, a leading conservative social media site; they’ve remained silent as media outlets call for more suppression of free speech; they’ve likewise remained silent on individual issues, such as a leading publisher reneging on a deal to publish a book by Josh Hawley, a Republican senator from Missouri.

It is actually a brilliant, although diabolical, tactic by Dems—seize the opportunity to demonize the opposition by any and all means as a way to lay the groundwork for future domination. They are essentially indoctrinating an entire generation of potential voters for their party. If only Republicans were as unified—or as blood thirsty.

A symbol of Biden’s approach is the shutdown of the Keystone XL pipeline, a nod like no other to the far-left insanity that now grips our country, thanks to a malleable 78-year-old who happens to be a feeble-minded career politician. With a single stroke of a pen stopping work on the pipeline, Biden arrogantly dismissed millions of dollars already spent and thousands of jobs for hard-working Americans. That alone should concern every citizen concerned about the future of this country and less concerned about pie-in-the-sky environmentalism.

If that were the sum total of Biden’s damage, then it would be much less troubling, but there’s more.

His executive orders represent a tsunami of leftist ideals, many intended to force climate justice into American society, to enable the massive government spending that Dems love, and to set up a flood of immigrants in the pursuit of future Democrat voters.

Even the New York Times, that bastion of wild-eyed progressive views, called for Biden to slow the executive orders recently. True to form, however, the Times soon began calling for more oversight on freedom of speech, including the appointment of a “reality czar” to monitor the views of everyday Americans.

The only relevant question at this point is this: What sector of traditional American society will be in their crosshairs next?

When these policies fail, progressives will have a boogeyman ready to be their fall guy. As the cost-of-living skyrockets, as the economy spirals even further out of control, damaged by the wild spending and tax increases this administration will unleash, it will, of course, be Trump’s fault. When energy prices begin climbing (pump gas is up at least 10 to 12 percent since the first of the year), it will, somehow, be Trump’s fault. Dems will refuse to shoulder the blame for their own missteps, demonstrating a lack of self-awareness normally found in toddlers.

As the country continues to unravel in ways unimagined a few short years ago, remember this: If you voted for Joe Biden, you helped create this mess.

Note: Thank you to those who sent emails in recent weeks during my absence from this space. The support is always appreciated.

Larry Cothren is a marketing teacher and can be reached at

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