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COLUMN: To a father from his daughter on Father's Day

COLUMN: To a father from his daughter on Father's Day

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When people think of my dad, Sandy, they think of a religious, family man, who has spent his professional career working in a laboratory, to support his wife and children. My dad is also known for happily surprising my mom, and taking his dog for a long walk, when he is not weeding in his backyard.

The truth is that very few people know the essence of my dad.

My father loves sports, especially football. He was a wide receiver on his school team. As a teenager, he saved up his money to buy football-related magazines that came out on newsstands, with schedules, rosters, statistics, and so on, right before football's pre-season. Dad loves watching both college and professional football. He always cheers on the college alma mater teams of my brother and me. And "Who Dat" watching the Carolina Panthers vs. the New Orleans Saints? None other than my football-enthusiast dad!

In third grade, when I was thrown off of a running horse named Albert, my dad told me to literally get back on the horse. And so I did! With my approval, my pop signed me up for horseback riding lessons. I both learned and enjoyed riding a horse, which made my dad happy.

In fifth grade, I drove my bicycle to the schoolyard to participate in intramural girls soccer practice and games. I played the position of right- wing forward. During the second game of the season, I was surprised to see my dad standing on the sideline! He attended every single one of my following games as a proud parent, until he became one of the soccer team coaches!

Even though pop sometimes has had to work late hours, he always showed up at plays, musicals, and dance performances in which I participated. One weekend, my parents had to go out of town. Dad made certain that my grandparents, in his place, attended my gymnastics floor exercises showcase event.

My father is a writer, and an outstanding public speaker. He has published articles in journals and has given lectures nationally. I felt privileged when my dad gave me suggestions on the delivery of my own speeches. He enjoys reading the finished product of my writing. Dad's wisdom and powerful advice on job interviewing has helped me with the development of my success.

Dad and I enjoy the same music and visual art. My pappy has influenced my interest in jazz music. We have watched several jazz concerts together both in-person and virtually. As a youngster, my dad had the priceless opportunity to take drawing lessons at a nationally recognized museum. He appreciates both classic and modern art.

One weekend, when I was home from college, my father invited me to an art gallery and introduced me to a visiting international artist, Mr. Guillaume Azoulay. In reflection, I asked Mr. Azoulay a very thought-provoking question about his theme and technique. My dad, and his colleague were shocked by the depth of my perception of the art pieces, accompanied by my inquisitiveness. I am not certain if they were as impressed with Mr. Azoulay's answer!

My Dad has helped me in situations, when I needed him the most. When a car sales associate tried to cheat me financially, my dad showed up on the spot. When a former boyfriend did something incredibly crazy, and dumbfounded, my dad was right there, by my side.

My father and I have traveled together to both beaches and big cities and have attended numerous family celebrations. My dad does not work at, or even try, to be the favorite cousin, or the favorite uncle. He just is. Basically, it's because he nicely relates to our family, and genuinely cares about everyone's happiness and well-being.

My dad and I were once spotted at the South Carolina State House lawn, when he visited me at college, in Columbia. One of my dad's laboratory assistants thought that I may be his mistress. Shame on you, m'am! I was just my dad's lovely, well-dressed daughter!

Simply said, I am a daughter who loves and appreciates everything that her dad has done for her, throughout her entire life. Dad couldn't have been more caring, supportive, accepting, and loving. Happy Father's Day, Dad, and many, many more!

And to everyone in Cabarrus County and beyond, Happy Father's Day to you too!

Robyn Lynne Benjamin

Robyn writes about everyday people who have touched her in amazing ways. She enjoys time with her family, friends, and pets. Please contact Robyn:

Robyn writes about everyday people who have touched her in amazing ways. She enjoys time with her family, friends, and pets. Please contact Robyn:


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