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COLUMN: Twelve steps toward a new America

COLUMN: Twelve steps toward a new America

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Those who thought Joe Biden would be a pragmatic president, one who would rely on his center-left roots to govern, now have ample evidence to the contrary.

The whole idea was a fallacy to begin with, as Biden even proclaimed that he would be the most progressive president in a lifetime. Then he selected a running mate, Kamala Harris, whose extreme views and voting record in the senate were well known.

Pragmatic? Hardly.

Preparing to mark a ballot for Joe Biden while wishing for a centrist president is akin to wishing upon a star. Both acts are rooted in a place far, far away from reality as we know it.

Don’t believe for a second that Biden has suddenly taken a far-left turn. That is not what has happened. Instead, he has surrendered to a contingent of radicals around him who appear to be running the country. To consciously make a turn to the left implies one has control over his or her actions. To surrender is to relinquish one’s ability and willingness to make key decisions. Biden has surrendered.

Below are 12 actions that set in motion the dire circumstances faced by this country. We’ll call it a template for the re-imagining of America. Re-imagining being a favorite word of progressives.

1. Find a straw-man candidate, one who has the name recognition and decades of experience in national politics to pull off a win. Biden’s years spent as a senator and as vice president for Barack Obama gave him instant credibility among voters, particularly those who saw “Uncle Joe” (Obama’s moniker for Biden) as a centrist who represented the anti-Donald Trump. It worked.

2. Gain control of Washington D.C. This one seemed next to impossible at one point, particularly after the down-ballot success of Republicans last November. But, somehow, Democrats managed to pull out an overtime victory in Georgia, electing two senators and giving Dems the power they coveted. Given Trump’s January 6 travails and the weak candidates Republicans were stuck with in Georgia, this should have been predictable.

3. Spend money like there is no tomorrow (and climate alarmists may convince us there is not) and be certain to spread it around in advantageous areas. Be sure, also, to aim high, as in $1.9 trillion, so as to leave no ally or potential voter unrewarded. This was accomplished in the latest Covid relief bill, which passed with no Republican support.

4. Force extreme ideological beliefs—religion, essentially—on the rest of the country, no matter the cost and no matter how radical. Such is the case with the Green New Deal, parts of which have surfaced early in the Biden administration—via the Covid relief bill, the decisions on fossil fuels, and the upcoming $3 trillion “infrastructure” plan.

5. Drive a wedge between everyday Americans by implying and outright stating that most white people are inherently racist. This is being done throughout society, in education, in pop culture, in politics, and in government. Critical Race Theory and its insidious ideas are sure to become more and more prevalent, especially in public education. Beware the wickedness that infects any theory advocating the superiority of one race over another.

6. Make identity—race, sexual orientation, nationality, gender—the single most important trait in all facets of society, from government positions to normal hiring practices in everyday jobs. This one has been creeping up for years, erasing merit in hiring and instead leading to the selection of members from favored groups rather than qualified candidates. The end result is resentment and division.

7. Destroy entire industries—including thousands of jobs—to support the Green New Deal and appease the climate cultists. Biden did this on his first day, as promised, cancelling the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline. He also temporarily suspended drilling on federal lands, the first step in what promises to be an arduous process if and when drilling is reinstated. This part helps to explain the drastic increase in pump gas since Biden was inaugurated, something previously addressed in this column. Restrict supply, or place controls on the delivery of goods, and run the risk of increasing the price.

8. Gain control of the media. Democrats, of course, have had major news outlets in their corner for years. All of the above steps, in fact, are enabled and often encouraged by this simple fact. Tune in to CNN, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or read the New York Times or Washington Post on any given day and it’s easy to understand how millions of voters can be duped by radicals.

9. Criminalize the behavior of police officers. This is not a reference to any particular event during recent years. It is, however, a direct reference to the mindset that radicals, particularly those who want to defund police departments, have developed toward law enforcement. They’ve demonstrated and spoke loudly at all levels of society with one mantra: police officers are racist, biased and purveyors of evil against most Americans, particularly Black Americans. Criminals, in other words.

10. Open borders for any and all immigrants. Biden’s willful invitation during his run for president created an influx of illegal immigrants across our southern border. The constant attempts by some members of the media to goad Biden spokespersons into calling it a border “crisis” was futile and a bit foolish. Biden’s band of radicals WANT our borders to be overrun. They see no need to call it a crisis when in fact it is planned immigration.

11. Rework election laws to assure more chaos like that experienced last November. With no regard for the integrity of elections, Democrats hope to strong arm states into giving election control over to the federal government. Ballot harvesting, a lack of sensible voter identification rules, and a process spread over weeks if not months are all part of the HR-1 bill now pending.

12. Constantly claim to be “saving democracy.” This one is particularly egregious, and repulsive. Whenever a Chuck Shumer or Nancy Pelosi utters those words, look out. As the 11 steps above demonstrate, they are doing all they can to erode traditional democratic processes. The only thing being “saved” is the preservation of power.

In his inauguration speech, Biden preached unity and vowed to bring the country together. Tragically, his handlers have probably convinced him that he’s doing just that.

Larry Cothren has worked as a writer and editor for more than three decades. He teaches at Hickory Ridge High School and can be reached at

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