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OPINION: 5 reasons to oppose Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar plan

OPINION: 5 reasons to oppose Biden’s multi-trillion-dollar plan

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Should Joe Biden’s pending $3.5 trillion bill pass, the result would be an outright perversion of our system of governance. Thanks to the people who often accuse others of “destroying our democracy” we would hand unprecedented control of this country to the federal government, further eroding the freedoms our republic was built upon.

Below are five reasons we should never support such a massive overreach by elected officials.

The bill is based on a lie

A friend recently told me an amusing story from his childhood. Several decades ago, a young relative of his was enamored with the new steel-toed work boots his father had obtained for his job in a factory. “The best part,” said the young relative, “is that he didn’t have to pay for them. They’re taking the money out of his check each week.”

The childhood innocence of the youngster is akin to the not-so-innocent message from the Biden administration telling us that the $3.5 trillion bill pending before Congress will cost us nothing. Like the story with the “free” work boots demonstrates, nothing comes without a price—despite the many times we are told the cost of Biden’s bill is zero. The money simply has to come from somewhere. As this column as pointed out many times, whenever taxes are increased for corporations or wealthy individuals, the middle class will suffer the consequences through lost jobs, higher prices, and other negative markers on the economy.

Biden is fond of using the strawman argument about wealthy citizens and corporate America needing to pay their “fair share.” Even a former president, Barack Obama, could be heard repeating that bit of misinformation recently, as he often has through the years. However, according to, data from the IRS demonstrates that the top 1 percent of earners already pay 40 percent of all income taxes paid.

“Over time, high-income Americans have shouldered a larger and larger share of the cost of government,” wrote tax expert Adam Michel for “Even the 2017 tax cuts—reviled by the political left—reduced tax bills for the lowest-income Americans by 10 percent while only cutting taxes for the top 1 percent by 0.04 percent. After the tax cuts, the rich pay a larger—not smaller—share of income taxes.”

Keep in mind that even the super-rich have every right to keep THEIR money. But, of course, Biden’s monstrosity of a spending plan will capture more and more money from all of us.

The takeaway is that liberals will repeat anything in order to take more of the rightfully owned income from people who have worked to achieve success in our system of capitalism. Left-wing politicians in this country have increased their efforts to attack the basic tenets of American success and freedom in recent years—which takes us to our next item.

The federal bureaucracy

Several news outlets have described the bill as increasing the social safety net for Americans. Translation: government knows best how to navigate the difficulties life will invariably throw at you.

A recent headline from the New York Times succinctly sums it up. “From Cradle to Grave, Democrats Move to Expand Social Safety Net,” The Times stated in early September. The subhead expands on that: “The $3.5 trillion social policy bill that lawmakers begin drafting this week would touch virtually every American, at every point in life, from conception to old age.”

“Social safety net” is no more than a euphemism for one thing—socialism. As liberals have used the pandemic to increase government overreach, so, too, will they use climate change, so-called infrastructure, equality, and other perceived social and economic ills to gain more control over the freedoms and opportunities that made the United States into a beacon of hope for people around the world.

Once the wheels of socialism begin turning, everything in its path will be destroyed, from individual freedom to economic opportunity to incentives to strive and succeed. There are numerous examples the world over to demonstrate as much. Why else would immigrants make the trek to our southern border? Immigrants formerly came to America from all over the world to pursue economic opportunity, and some still do. Many, however, come here for the “social safety net” made possible by our tax dollars.

The Biden disasters

Virtually no one outside of the Biden administration considers our withdrawal from Afghanistan to be a well-planned undertaking. To spin it as one, Biden’s minions have portrayed the massive airlift of Americans and Afghans as wildly successful. This, of course, dismisses the obvious—the airlift was necessitated by the incompetent decisions flowing from the White House, as several generals confirmed last week.

Then there’s the disaster Biden created at our southern border. When Obama calls the mess at the border “unsustainable”—as he did recently—then it’s clear we have a crisis of unprecedented proportions. The sight of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants flooding into the country—with thousands camping under bridges—is evidence that the Biden administration has little concern for the welfare of American citizens.

While the rest of us are forced to wear masks and hear sermons about being vaccinated, immigrants are entering the country without masks and, you can bet, without vaccinations. None of this matters, however, to people out to gain control of the political system at any cost. All those illegals being filtered in the country will presumably become Democrat voters, lest they lose the social safety net that brought many of them here in the first place.

Now, with an outlay of $3.5 trillion, we’re expected to trust an administration directly responsible for the biggest domestic and foreign policy disasters in decades.

Losing the incentive to work

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported that the number of job openings at the end of July hit 10.9 million, up 749,000. That marked the fifth consecutive month with a record high of job openings, according to Reuters, the news agency.

With unemployment benefits increased since the onset of COVID, the incentive to work—as opposed to drawing a government check—has decreased across the country. A separate report from Reuters indicated that half of this country’s small business owners reported unfilled job openings during August. That marks an increase of 28 percent from a 48-year average of 22 percent.

Drive through any part of the country and the need for workers is evident as small businesses offer sign-on bonuses and other perks in a futile effort to meet labor needs.

Now our federal government is poised to make the labor shortage even more profound with its massive building of more social safety nets. Socialism indeed.

More IRS oversight

Perhaps most troubling of all in Biden’s $3.5 trillion package is the $80 billion being earmarked for the Internal Revenue Service. That translates into more and more intrusion into the lives of everyday Americans.

Initially, the plan for the IRS was to monitor all transfers of $600 or more. Recent media reports indicate the number may fall between that amount and $10,000. Either way, average Americans will be in the crosshairs of another federal agency as the Biden radicals attempt to squeeze every dime from U.S. citizens in an attempt to pay for their massive spending plans.

The theme through these issues is the sheer incompetence of the Biden administration. Former president Jimmy Carter should be pleased as Biden has dethroned Carter—in less than nine months—as the king of inept governance.

Larry Cothren has worked as a writer and editor for more than three decades. He teaches at Hickory Ridge High School and can be reached at


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