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LETTER: Hudson only represents some of the people

LETTER: Hudson only represents some of the people

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Richard Hudson once again showed he represents only half of his constituents in his Sunday column for the Fourth of July. Instead of a unifying message he used the pulpit offered him by the Independent Tribune to preach that Joe Biden was destroying the health, freedom, and pursuit of happiness of Americans.

The irony of this is that it is his party that has fought expanding health care, thinks more guns will solve gun violence, and are now actively undermining our democracy by trying to win elections by refusing to accept the results when they lose, and suppressing minority voters. Left unchallenged, the undermining of elections can lead to tyranny.

The delusion of Hudson's party that the election was stolen led to Trump supporters invading the capital on January 6th of this year. Who can forget the image of a MAGA supporter beating a policeman with an American flag?

To paraphrase the bible, Richard Hudson has seen the mote in Joe Biden's eye, but cannot see the beam in his own eye.

Vincent Keipper



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