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Technically, there is no wrong way to freeze blueberries. This is especially true if your goal is simply to keep the blueberries from going bad. Some people recommend just throwing a pint container into the freezer and leaving it at that, and while that is certainly the fastest way to freeze blueberries, it is not the best way.

Want to feel like you’re eating dessert for breakfast? Try adding chocolate chips like @cookingwithayeh. Top another slice with berries to get your fruits in.

TikTok creator @lahbco shows you how to create a sweet berry dressing to top the perfect berry and burrata kale salad. The key to restaurant level flavor? Season every part of the salad.

Smoothie bowls are the perfect nutrient-packed treat for summer, and this berry coconut smoothie bowl from @nicole_thenomad uses some of your favorite in season fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth.

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Keto dieters don’t have to miss out on the summer fun with this low carb cocktail from @theketodadlife. Fresh lime juice, basil leaf, kombucha, and berry sparkling water give this vodka drink plenty of flavor.

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April signals the start of strawberry season in North Carolina, and local growers are optimistic about the 2021 season and anticipate a crop that should last through Memorial Day, according to the state Department of Agriculture. 

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Thanksgiving will soon be here, and most people can't wait to get together with their families and share happy moments preparing and eating their stuffed turkey. First, you need to ensure that your home is looking clean, with a refined atmosphere created with genius and creative interior décor. But what are some of the décor ideas that work for Thanksgiving? Here are some excellent ideas.

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After the initial stress eating, pick some brain-healthy snacks, Ackrill suggested. Omega-3 choices such as salmon, walnuts and flaxseeds are known brain boosters. So are berries, such as blueberries. In fact, one review found the antioxidants in berries can boost communication between brain cells.

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If I were to write a nursery rhyme about a garrulous geezer on a fruitful foray with his giddy granddaughters, it would go like this: “Punny P…

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“Superfood” has become a frequently used marketing term, but Blatner says the term is overused, and points out that it may be found on the packages of highly processed foods that just happen to contain a superfood ingredient. “Since there is no legal definition, it’s definitely a buyer-beware situation,” Blatner said. She said it’s important to read the list of ingredients on the label to make food decisions, and offers this tip: “Most superfoods don’t come in a package or have a label.”

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