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For months PERU held the grim title of first worldwide in per capita COVID-19 deaths. It didn’t have to be that way. Decades of under investment in public health, poor decisions at the onset of the pandemic, coupled with severe inequality and shortages of life-saving goods like medicinal oxygen combined to create one of the world’s deadliest outbreaks. Now the nation is coping with crippling, mass grief. A recent poll found that 7 in 10 Peruvians know someone who has died from the virus.

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All areas without backups for each of their election technologies must obtain them. No technology is infallible. Each piece — including electronic poll books, electronic voting systems and online voter registration websites — has vulnerabilities that can be exploited or could experience technical failures. As we saw with the 2020 presidential election, safeguards such as backup paper poll books ensure that election infrastructure failures only slow down voting, rather than stop it.

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TRUMP: “Pennsylvania ... wouldn’t let our Poll Watchers & Observers into counting rooms. Illegal!” — tweet Thursday.

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TRUMP: "Our campaign has been denied access to observe any counting in Detroit." — Thursday night.

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