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This 2015 novel places the reader at the center of a large black family in Detroit, moving us from the father’s early years in the city in the 1940s to the Turner family’s financial struggles in 2008. The 13 Turner children span a generation and the book is an immersive examination of the complexities of sibling relationships, the housing crisis’ impact on inner-city families like the Turners, and how a house becomes the story of its inhabitants.

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Named one of the best books of 2019 by The New York Times, this sprawling debut novel is “an intimate, brainy, gleaming epic, set mostly in what is now Zambia, the landlocked country in southern Africa,” wrote an NYT reviewer; the book follows the fortunes of three families across four generations, from colonialism through the AIDS crisis. “The reader who picks up ‘The Old Drift’ is likely to be more than simply impressed,” the review continued. “This is a dazzling book, as ambitious as any first novel published this decade. It made the skin on the back of my neck prickle.”

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Written by the former CEO of Disney, this nonfiction book takes its reader through some memorable years with the company, including its acquisition of Pixar, Lucasfilm, Marvel and most of 21st Century Fox and the development of its streaming service.


Dear Abby: I believe that love conquers all. The worldwide coronavirus is teaching us we are all one in body, but not yet in spirit. Every day…

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This interactive guide shows how to protect yourself against infection and recognize symptoms, and worst case, take correct steps if you get sick.


Today’s sound-off is about people who keep asking, “When are you starting a family?”

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January is a tough time to get aggressive about a job search that got stalled back in November, but it’s the right time to re-start your engines. What can you do that you’ve not already done? Get back to basics.

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These are the PDFs of the pages for our Cabarrus Game Night 2018 high school football preview. Click the page (to the left or below if you are…

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