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If you love a neutral home, TikTok user @mywellihousedecor has half a dozen suggestions for the perfect white or light grey paint, saving you some time scanning through nearly identical swatches.

Q: I purchased a home last year during COVID-19. Prior to purchasing the home, the real estate agent’s listing sheet showed that the property was going to be split in two. The listing contained a suggestion to see the property marker where the surveyor left a stake to show the property line division.

Be there anyone among us who leads or has led such a pure and exemplary life that he or she should be honored with their name on a building at…

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If you’re looking for more variety in indoor plants, @brie.gallagher offers up a few more suggestions. While the easy-to-grow ZZ plants also makes this list, so does the quick growing vine pothos, the striking snake plant, and verdant green wax plant.

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Whether you’re preparing for tax season or organizing family documents, a big pile of papers can seem daunting. Home organizer @freshspacehome is there to remind you that any organization project is manageable if you break it down into steps. Her suggestion to #organizeit? Sort the unmanageable paper pile into shred, keep, and recycle piles—then tackle the papers you need to keep by breaking down the categories even further.

As the year 2021 has unfolded, I have reflected on the wisdom of my father. My dad has offered valuable suggestions to my brother and me. Dad …

If you’re anything like I am, you’re both (1) caged up at home for the foreseeable future and (2) actively planning or at least considering travel again as soon as possible. I can’t help you much with (1), but I can share my outlook about if, when, and where travel might be possible.

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