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Be there anyone among us who leads or has led such a pure and exemplary life that he or she should be honored with their name on a building at…

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You learned a lot at school. But did your teachers or professors educate you on how to use credit, protect your identity, or maintain a good credit score? Sadly, personal finance education does not rank up there with reading, writing, and 'rithmetic.

According to research from the credit bureau Experian, more than one in three Generation Zers (those born roughly between 1997 and 2012) are interested in personal finance topics. Among recent high school graduates, more than three in four agree that a financial management class should be compulsory in schools.

Give your kids a better start than you had by signing them up for educational resources from the Get Smart About Credit campaign, an annual initiative sponsored by the American Bankers Association (ABA) Community Engagement Foundation. About 6,000 bankers participated last year. They delivered educational presentations to almost 156,000 teenagers in schools nationwide, covering topics like credit cards, budget...

Less Than 1 In 3 Parents Teach Their Kids About Credit Scores

5 Tips for Growing Your Teen's Financial IQ

4 Ways Your Love Life Can Affect Your Credit Rating

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Gun ownership is normally a topic of heated debate, but will it have an impact on the 2020 election? This election has many challenging topics to face; gun ownership might play a secondary role to the coronavirus, the economy and racial tensions. Dr. Michael Anestis, Executive Director of the New Jersey Gun Violence Research Center weighs in on the topic. 

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Baldwin’s fifth novel, published in 1974, has at its heart a topic that resonates all too strongly today: the criminal justice system’s long record of unjust incarceration of Black men. Fonny and Tish, a young Black couple, are in love and expecting a child in early 1970s Harlem, but their idyll is interrupted when Fonny is falsely accused of raping a white woman and sent to jail. Bonus: the beautiful 2018 film version of the book, directed by Barry Jenkins.

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