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You Never Know: An excerpt

You Never Know: An excerpt

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Alberto Perez

Alberto Perez

This is an excerpt taken from my fourth book, ‘The Second Coming: The Apocalypse.’ I was told by multiple readers that they loved this exchange between two unlikely souls who didn’t see the person standing next to them because of preconceptions. I was inspired when writing this piece and was glad it delivered the positive message intended.

So, let me set the scene where this dialogue takes place. I will only discuss as much as possible without spoiling too much in case you decide to read the book someday. However, some of the dialogue might benefit from an additional backdrop. That said, Sophia is part of twelve chosen to preach the gospel of the second coming of Jesus Christ to those left behind by the Rapture.

Specifically who Sophia and the others are too long of a narrative to go into in this short article. Let’s just say that today, she and those in her company are best suited to bring the lost into the light. Their diverse and complicated backgrounds help keep them from certain doom. During the end times, anyone believing or sharing information about Jesus Christ will surely be put to death for their beliefs. So needless to say, Sophia and her company are always at death’s door.

Sophia and Ali, along with fifteen others are walking in the desert near the city of Asyūţ which is a six hour train ride south of Cairo. It’s hot and they want to get out of the sun, relax and socialize. Sophia and Ali are walking behind the group. Sophia has been mad at Ali for close to a year. Vikki, another within their company loves them both, but she’s tired of them avoiding each other.

She has forced these two together so they can resolve their differences and make up. Everyone in their company is tired of hearing Sophia whine about Ali’s alleged betrayal of her innocence.

By the way, a Helem is another name for a Demon. Ali is trying to show Sophia the important differences between men and women.

Ali is the first to speak. Enjoy.

“When a Helem chooses a gender, they think and react based on the attributes and characteristics of that gender. So before you ask, women for example talk to form emotional connections. Men on the other hand talk to get things done. Women talk about people, relationships and feelings, while men talk about things, like goals and objectives.

“Everything about men and women is different. Women for example nod to show they understand something, i.e., ‘I hear you or I get it.’ Men interpret nodding as concurrence, i.e., ‘You agree with what they’re saying.’ Now, I don’t want to come across as a feminist, even though I believe women are totally superior. But with respect to communication skills we are born with more language gene transmitters.

“Look ahead of us. All the women are involved in a conversation. But look at the men. None of them are talking. Why? Because they don’t have to. But as women, we have to. If it were up to the boys, they would prefer we remain quiet. Not permanently or to be mean but, they don’t get us.”

“Huh,” Sophia sounded.

“Anyway, men are different. More primitive. And I don’t want this to come across as weird, but God thinks like a girl. And trust me, that’s not easy to do as a boy.”

“What? What are you saying?” Sophia let out a bit confused. Ali seems to be off on a tangent, she thought.

“Think about it. He’s sensitive, caring and listens. He talks to communicate his feelings, what he’s thinking and he’s affectionate. He’s loving, generous and supportive. He’s forgiving, understanding and encouraging. Need I go on?”

“Huh,” Sophia sounded again then added, “But men are those things too?”

“Maybe, I guess it depends on your point of view. But let me ask you, are men caring because they don’t tell you to shut up, when they want you to? Are they sensitive when they ask you what’s wrong but don’t care whether you tell them? Are they loving when they don’t punch you in the face when they’re mad at you? Are they understanding when –”

Sophia interrupted Ali to say, “Okay, okay, okay, I get it, I get it. You think men are pigs. And sometimes, I think the same thing. But they are just as kind, sensitive and caring as women.”

“Maybe, but God showed up as a boy because he knew a girl would’ve been ignored back then, just like she’s ignored today. Did you know that the first proclaimer of Jesus as the Messiah of Israel was a woman: Anna in the temple. Look it up in the Bible if you don’t believe me. Luke 2:36–38. Women were always more appreciative of his work and teachings. His mother became pregnant without a man.

Women were the only ones present at his crucifixion. Where were all the men? A woman was the first to see him after his resurrection. And, and, he commissioned her to go tell his disciples that he had risen from the dead, which by the way is a big deal. Not because he rose from the dead, although that’s important too. But because he could’ve just as easily shown up in the room where they were all hiding out, but he didn’t.

“Sophia, look out there and tell me what you see.” She looked out at the devotees and shrugged. She wasn’t sure what she was supposed to be looking for. “It’s okay if you don’t see it, I’ll just tell you, 60% of the new disciples are women. And Maggie’s coven is all women. And you’re being watched over by six saints, who are all girls. You think that’s a coincidence? And there’s a reason why the largest majority of angels look like women.” Sophia was surprised to say the least, but she didn’t want to admit it. “Think about it. It’s not a trick question. Women are awesome.”

“Okay I agree with you but there are also six boys that watch over us as well.”

“Is that the way it started off or did they join the protection detail later? Personally, I think it’s just a pairing. I’ve never seen them alone.”

I don’t know if I should admit it but I think she’s right, how weird, Sophia confessed to herself then shook off the uncertainty and took hold of Ali’s hand and said, “I’m glad you’re a girl.”

Ali’s bottom lip started quivering as it placed a hand over its heart and asked, “Really? Can I change back then?”

“Yes.” Ali hugged Sophia as it wiped tears away. “And you don’t have to change back into a boy, if you don’t want to.”

“Really, are you sure?” Ali sniffled several times than added, “I am after all, very manly.” He flexed both his muscular arms and grunted.

Sophia giggled, punched Ali on his bicep and said, “Yes, I’m sure. But not yet.”

“Okay,” Ali replied with a sense of joy seldom felt. They continued on behind the group while casually holding hands. Finally, they felt like they understood each other.

Alberto Perez has written four books in a series entitled, The Second Coming: ‘The Arrival’, ‘The Gathering,’ and ‘The Trials.’ The fourth book – ‘The Second Coming: The Apocalypse,’ is also available through Amazon and other retailers. These books illustrate Jesus Christ’s immersion in the Rapture and the experiences of those left behind prior to and during the Apocalypse. Learn more about the author at


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