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District Court Judge Seat 3 primary election Q & A: Steve Grossman

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Steve Grossman

District: Cabarrus County

Question 1: Why do you want to run for this position?

Answer: I am actually running for reelection. I am currently one of the six District Court Judges in Cabarrus County. I believe my experience, which includes nearly 45 years in the Cabarrus County court system, including the life experience from working with people during that time gives me the perspective to make the decisions which affect people’s lives. I am running for reelection because it is important to have a well-qualified judge who has the knowledge and communication skills to help people confronted with the court system understand their cases.

Question 2: What makes you qualified to fill this seat?

Answer: A judge must be experienced in the law, knowledgeable, dependable and able to communicate with people. I have mentioned my experience. District Court includes cases involving misdemeanors and traffic, custody, child support, distribution of property, domestic violence, abuse and neglect, juvenile and many other matters. It is the court where most people are exposed to the court system. I have handled countless cases involving all of those issues in my career. I have a very good grasp of the law and the knowledge and experience to continue working with people. I am also dependable which, in the law, means that I can be relied upon to apply the law as it is written to the facts of a particular case. Finally, a District Court Judge must be able to communicate with people. Communication is not just talking to people but actually helping them to understand. The court system can be intimidating. Folks in the court system are worried enough about their case, whether criminal or civil (domestic). The judge must be able to communicate what happens in the cases to the people involved. These attributes — experience, knowledge, dependability, and communication skills uniquely qualify me to be reelected as District Court Judge.

Question 3: What do you consider to be the most pressing issues for this community?

Answer: I’m not sure that a judge is the right person to answer this question; it seems more like a legislative question than a judicial one. I will tell you that the most pressing issue for the court system is accessibility and understanding. Too many people come through the court system not understanding what happened with their case. With more and more folks representing themselves, the court system has made instructions available. There are also internet instructions, but they are not always reliable. We must make sure folks understand what happens with their case and must be able to communicate with them so they know and understand how and why their case was decided. The person involved may or may not be happy with the outcome but they must feel like they have been heard and their issues fairly considered. A judge who listens and communicates with folks is helpful with this issue.


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